Submission Rules


  • All accepted submissions will be presented orally at the Congress.
  • All Submission presentations must be made using the Online Submission presentation System on the congress web page. Submissions sent by e-mail or mail/cargo will not be evaluated.
  • Submissions presented at the congress will be published in the e-Congress Book with ISBN.
  • In order for the accepted Submission to be included in the Congress Book, the Submission must be presented at the congress and at least one of the authors of the Submission must register for the congress.
  • Submissions can be submitted in Turkish or English. Both Turkish and English Submissions should be carefully prepared in terms of grammar, clarity and spelling. Submissions that are problematic in this regard or in which the suggested corrections are not made will not be accepted.
  • Submissions must be compatible with the “Congress Topics” published on the Congress web page. Submissions that are not compatible with the “Congress Topics” will not be accepted for presentation at the congress.
  • The submissions that are first evaluated by the editor will be evaluated as double-blind review by the referees in the Scientific Committee.
  • Each submission will be evaluated by two referees. In case of incompatible evaluation reports, additional referees may be appointed.
  • Whether the submitted Submissions will be accepted or not will be decided by the Editorial Board after the referee evaluation. The corresponding author will be notified by e-mail whether the submission has been accepted or not.
  • The evaluation process can be monitored by the person registered in the Submission Presentation system through the Submission system on the congress web page. In addition, when the Submission is uploaded to the system, when re-editing is requested, when the Submission is accepted or rejected for presentation at the congress, notifications will be sent to the owner of the Submission by e-mail. Therefore, it is recommended to check the e-mail and spam e-mails from time to time.
  • Submissions which are in “Original Research” category will be uploaded only as ABSTRACT and will be published as ABSTRACT in the congress proceedings.
  • “Field Practices and Experiences”, “Policy Evaluations” and “Evaluations Related to the Main Theme of the Congress (Public Health in the Centennial of the Republic: From the Past to the Future)” must be uploaded as FULL TEXT.
  • Ethics Committee approval must be obtained for original research Submissions on humans or animals. The Ethics Committee approval status of the study, the Ethics Committee from which approval was obtained, and the date and number of the Ethics Committee approval should be specified. Ethics Committee approval document may be requested by the editor when necessary. In studies that do not require Ethics Committee approval, this situation should be explained with justifications (such as studies in which publicly available data are evaluated).
  • It should be stated whether any financial support has been received and whether there is a conflict of interest.
  • If the Submission has been accepted for publication in a scientific journal or prepared from a published article, the title of the article should be specified during the application.
  • If the study subject to the Submission has been previously presented at another congress, the title of the Submission presented should be indicated during the application.
  • Submissions sponsored or funded by organizations that harm health such as tobacco or arms industry will not be accepted.


The following 4 types of submissions can be submitted to the congress:

   Original Research

These are quantitative or qualitative researches on congress topics. Original research submissions shall be uploaded to the system as ABSTRACT and published as ABSTRACT in the congress proceedings. Full Text should not be uploaded.

   Field Practices and Experiences

These are submissions that describe experiences related to new or unique practices carried out in the field and/or make critical evaluations and discussions on existing practices, related to Public Health. It is obligatory that they are in FULL TEXT.

   Policy Assessments

These are submissions on a specific policy in the field of public health, which evaluate the current situation based on the literature, and address the relevant recommendations and research needs. It is obligatory that they are in FULL TEXT.

   Evaluations on the Main Theme of the Congress (Public Health in the Centennial of the Republic: From the Past to the Future)

These are the submissions (that evaluate the current situation based on the relevant literature and point out recommendations and research needs), which discuss the congress theme “Public Health in the Centennial of the Republic: From the Past to the Future” excluding original research. It is obligatory that they are in FULL TEXT.


  • Submissions in Original Research Category will be uploaded as ABSTRACT.
  • Submissions belonging to studies conducted with quantitative research methods should be at least 1500, maximum 4000 characters (without spaces).
  • Submissions that belong to studies conducted with qualitative research methods should be at least 1500, maximum 6250 characters (without spaces).
  • The text of the submission should not contain pictures, tables, graphics, references.
  • Authors shall be registered in the system according to the order of their names in the submission.
  • Submissions should be prepared as a structured abstract and consist of the following sections. Each section must comply with the specified criteria:
    • Title: Title should be written in lower case letters except the first letter, reflect the content and method of the study, and should not exceed 100 characters with spaces.
    • Introduction and Objective: Brief information about the subject of the study should be given and the importance and purpose of the study should be clearly stated.
    • Materials and Methods: The type, place, time, population, sample size and sampling method, ethics committee approval status, supporting organization and financing, if any, data collection method, variables, statistical tests used in data analysis should be specified.
    • Findings: The findings of the study should be presented clearly and concisely.
    • Conclusion: The important results of the study, its contribution to existing knowledge, and conclusions and recommendations based on this should be included.
    • Keywords: Minimum 3, maximum 5 words


  • Field Practices and Experiences
  • Policy Assessments
  • Evaluations on the Main Theme of the Congress (Public Health in the Centennial of the Republic: From the Past to the Future)

Submissions prepared in these three categories must adhere to the following rules;

  • It is obligatory that they are in FULL TEXT.
  • FULL TEXT will be uploaded as a Word file (without author names and institutional information) in step 8 in the Submissions System.
  • The text of the submission may contain pictures, tables, graphics.
  • It shall be at least 12 500 and at most 25 000 characters (without spaces) (including pictures, tables, graphics and references).
  • References shall be written. Türkiye Halk Sağlığı Dergisi (Turkish Journal of Public Health) referencing rules ( must be used for citation and bibliography in the text. Full text submissions that do not comply with the writing rules will not be included in the Congress Proceedings.


  • Presentation time for oral presentations is 10 minutes (8 minutes presentation, 2 minutes discussion)
  • It is recommended to prepare a maximum of 10-12 slides, including the cover, for the presentation.
  • Do not forget to write the authors and the e-mail address of the responsible author under the title of the paper.