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    Dear Public Health Professionals and Volunteers,

    As the Association of Public Health Specialists (HASUDER), we have been organizing the national public health congress, which has been held for 21 years, as an international congress for the last 3 years. Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have experienced this year, we will hold the 4th International 22nd National Public Health Congress online between 13-19 December 2020.

    We are going through a period in which the importance of public health science is understood in the changing world and in this world under pandemic conditions, and public health experts working with great devotion in the field directly contribute to the health of the society. In this difficult and tiring period, we believe that discussing the current problems they face, developing solutions and advocating becomes much more important and our congress is an important opportunity in this process. We believe that evaluating the difficulties experienced with all stakeholders of public health, volunteers and non-governmental organizations that prioritize public health from a scientific perspective will add value to our congress.

    In this process where evidence-based and dynamic public health practices produce invaluable information for humanity, we determined our congress theme as "For the New World, Public Health Again". Your contribution and participation to our congress are invaluable where we aim to discuss how the public health science field will evolve in the future, new public health problems awaiting our world, the challenges and competencies that await public health professionals to cope with current and possible future public health problems. The deadline for abstract submissions is 30.11.2020.

    We are waiting for our congress, where we will continue our cooperation, even online.


    Prof. Dr. Pınar Okyay
    Congress of President