Zeynep Şimşek
Prof. Dr. Zeynep Şimşek worked at the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Primary Health Care Services between 1991-2000, and has been a faculty member at the Department of Public Health of Harran University Faculty of Medicine between 2001-2016, and Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Health Sciences since 2017. As a Midwife, social worker, demographer and professor of public health, she has taken the agricultural medicine education at the University of Iowa School of Public Health. For the first time in 2012, she organized the Symposium of Agricultural Workers’ Health, and established the "Application and Research Center for Occupational Health and Safety in Agriculture" in Harran University. She has conducted many researches on the health of agricultural workers in Southeast Anatolia and Turkey, and organized symposiums and workshops. She has approximately 60 articles in international journals, and 170 in national journals. She has developed and conducted programs with interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral cooperation using the operational research method aimed at improving the health of seasonal agricultural workers, who are the most important labor force of the agricultural sector.