Ayşe Ferdane Oğuzöncül
Prof. Doktor
Degree Department /Program University Year
License / Y. Undergraduate Faculty of Medicine Gazi University 1986
Doctorate Faculty of Medicine/
Public Health Firat University 1996
Associate Degree Distance Education Faculty/
Health Institutions Management Anadolu University
2014 Associate Degree Distance Education Faculty/Occupational Health and Safety Ataturk University 2016
Administrative Duties: Elazig Yeni Mahalle Education Research Health Center Responsible Physician 2002-2004
Faculty of Medicine Term VI Coordinator Assistant 2009-2015
Head of Department 08.2012-09.2013
F.U. Periodical Training Center (FUSEM) Executive Board Member 2013-2015
FUSEM Workplace Medicine Coordinator 2013-2015
Faculty Board Membership 06.2015-02.2018
Faculty Board of Directors
Head of Department 06.2015-02.2018
- Assignments:
- Participation on behalf of the university in the "Community Health Services Scientific Commission" meetings established by the Ministry of Health General Directorate of Public Health (2018-)
- Firat University Hospital "Influenza Pandemic Action Group" Responsible Public Relations Manager (2019-)
- Firat University Hospital Employee Health and Safety Committee Member (2019-)
Firat University Disability Research and Application Center Board Member
- ElazigProvincial Pandemic Board Member (20.05.2020- )
- Firat University Faculty of Medicine Pandemic Committee (20.05.2020-20.10.2020)
There are national and international articles and papers in his field.