Aygül Tunç Aksan
In 1994, she completed her undergraduate degree in METU Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences, and her master's degree in 2002 at the same university and department with her thesis titled "The Relationship between Child Rearing Styles and Self-Esteem". In 2007, she completed the Child Theater and Play-Theater-Drama master program of Ankara University Faculty of Language and History and Geography with her thesis "Comparison of Cognitive-Behavioral and Modified Art Therapy Programs Developed for Adolescents' Negative Body Images". In 2014, she received her PhD title from Mersin University Faculty of Education, Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling with her thesis titled "Examining the Relationships between the Illness Representations of Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Coping Strategies, Anxiety and Depression Levels, and Determining Their Psycho-Social Needs". She has publications in national and international journals.